Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Have you ever wished there was one location to get the information you need to begin an awesome multimedia project for your students?  Well, there is!  Moving at the Speed of Creativity is a blog by Dr. Wesley Fryer that includes a page that gives you tips, tools and examples needed to help your students create amazing media products.  So what do you want your students to do? Chances are, there’s an easy way to facilitate learning for you and your students.

Dr. Wesley FryerAfter you click on the image that looks like the one to the left, Mapping Media to the Common Core, twelve tasks will appear. This post highlights two: visual notetaking and interactive writing.

I don’t require my students to take notes very often but I do ask them to visually record what they have learned.  This past year I showed my students different ways to draw graphicPhases of the Moon organizers. Visual notetaking is another way for  them to synthesize their learning. The visual notetaking page on Dr.Fryer’s blog has links to free and fee-based tools. One of the free web-based tools is Popplet, an easy to use graphic organizer. The one you see to the right was created in 15 minutes.  A product like this would be easy for my students to create and a great way for me to gauge their level of learning.  Looking for additional resources to use Popplet? Check out the Popplet tutorial below to explore its features. Then check out Learning to Use Popplet in the Classroom for some additional activities.

Another task I was interested in learning more about was blogging.  Since my school doesn’t have blogging set up for teachers to use with their students, I needed a program that was user friendly.  The  interactive writing tab in Dr. Fryer’s blog led me to Kidblog. The setup was easy and the site is safe.  Within minutes, I was ready to begin blogging.  Now all I needed were kids!  If you are looking for information on the features of Kidblog, check out the Youtube video below.  One of the new features I learned from this video was how to provide students with a code for easy setup.  Are you interested in viewing an actual Kidblog?  Check out Mr. Brim’s class blog.

This page from Dr. Fryer’s blog has so much to offer!  I encourage you to check it out.  Who knows? You might see a task you’ve been wanting to try out for the upcoming school year!   With Dr. Fryer’s helpful resource page, you have all the information you need in one place! How cool is that?

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17 Responses to Moving at the Speed of Creativity

  1. TeresaH says:

    Very cool. I love the class blog site, nice and so easy. I also really like the organizer. I think the graphic organizer is a great way to have children use technology in a way that helps them link knowledge in a useful manner. I will definitely use the popplet!

  2. RBryan says:

    It is so convenient to have a variety of choices for products/skills linked to a single page and further linked to the Common Core.

  3. Heather W. says:

    Thanks for the post Kim! After reading your Blog and listening to you discussing the great features Popplet has to create graphic organizers I decided to create a project using Popplet. The project I created, building a food chain, took no time at all and will allow my students to use 21 century skills. All the students needed to do was create a Popplet, add an image from an outside source (Facebook or Flickr) and create a description using the text box. Next, add a link to the next Popplet to continue the chain. Popplet is extremely easy for all students to manage!

  4. LaToya B. says:

    Kim, thanks for giving me a preview the tools in your post in class! It is great to have all of those resources in one place on Mapping Media to the Common Core and I will be returning to the site next school year for collaborative activities. Thank you also for bringing Popplet to my attention. I love graphic organizers and think that my students would enjoy making them digitally. For those of you who have not tried Popplet, it is VERY easy to use, you should try it!

  5. April J. says:

    I like the Popplet tool, Kim. This a great tool for our school. We are a Thinking Maps school big on graphic organizers and this is a great use of technology to create those graphic organizers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. B. Taylor says:

    Kim introduced us to the web-based version of Popplet – there is also an iPad app many of you have used – Popplet Lite for free and one with additional features to pay for. So explore that if you and your students use iPads. I love the Mapping Media site and am so glad Kim found it – it’s going in my Diigo list! If you haven’t yet, check out the link at the top of that page to Student Media Examples – great demos of what students can do!

  7. Dirk T. says:

    Sounds like a great tool. I think that the graphic organizers will help the students record the information in a way that will help them better see and understand what they are learning. Thanks for the post.

  8. Katie G. says:

    I also really like Popplet. I experimented with it in class Friday and could definitely see students using this tool, even my younger ones! I like how easy Popplet is to use, and students can create popplets in any subject. Thanks for sharing Kim!

  9. Kristin O. says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kim! This is awesome! I love that you can so easily embed media into the “popples”. I also love that each “popple” can be named based on the child who adds the content. What a great way to encourage collaboration while maintaining accountability. This is really cool and I’m excited to find ways to integrate this into my math class!

  10. JenC says:

    I watched the video about Kidblog and think that looks like a useful tool for elementary school. Since my fifth graders only have access to Google Drive and not mail, I would not be able to use a system like WordPress for them to try a blog but this website looks like it would be a great way to try using a blog with my class. Since the teacher’s email is the only one needed and I would have access and control over the blog, it would be a safe way to get my students involved in blogs.

    Thanks for introducing me to this cool tool!

  11. Jess C. says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kim! I have heard of Popplet before and played around with it a little in class Friday. I like the example that you provided. This will be very easy for students to manipulate. I think this will help students neatly organize information in a graphic organizer. I also ran across Kidblog this week in class. I set up an account and am excited to try it out. It seems rather simple to navigate. Our school has a blog page, but I am not sure if they can post a blog or just comment. Kidblog will allow me to have my students not only comment, but blog.

  12. Danielle D. says:

    I love the website you shared with us! Great resources that align with Common Core. Thanks for sharing about Popplet in class and in your blog. I am already thinking of ways I can use Popplet in my classroom. I like it because you have the option of writing, drawing or inserting media into the graphic organizer. And it can be used for so many different topics because you choose how you want to design it. I am excited to try blogging in my classroom as well.

  13. Robin W. says:

    Thanks for your post on Popplet, Kim. I had used the iPad edition last year in groups but did not realize there was a online version. I’m so excited to use the online version as well. I require my students to take a lot of notes and they will love using this as a way to organizer their information.

  14. CandaceT says:

    I absolutely love the Popplet site. I can difinitely see myself using this during the school year. My school has several new programs that have been implimented and graphic organizers are a huge chunk of the summarizing portion. Integrating it with technology is a plus. I can see my first graders engaged. Cool tool; thanks for sharing!

  15. Amy P. says:

    I like the kidblog! I’ve been racking my brain to figure out a way to incorporate a blog this fall. This seems kid friendly and teacher friendly! Thanks for sharing Kim!

  16. jlove42013 says:

    I had never heard of either of these cool tools. I’m very excited that the Kidblog site can be set up so easily and only requires the teacher’s email address. Like April J our school is a “Thinking Maps” school and Popplet will be a great tool for them to apply those skills.

  17. Laura B. says:

    I really enjoyed exploring Popplet! Great information and I feel like using it would be a great way to create graphic organizers and anchor charts without using chart paper and markers (when it’s in the supply room).

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