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As technology is steadily evolving, I, sometimes, find it a challenge to keep up with all the latest tech resources available to myself and my students. This past year, I came across an educational game website called that allow students to play games while still learning or practicing specific skills and content. I usually used it as a reward at my technology center when students had completed all assignments or if a rainy day called for recess to be inside. I thought the site was cool and so did my first graders, until I stumbled across Richard Bryne’s blog site, Free Technology for Teachers. I learned that I could do more on this site than just play educational games.

As you may know, in earlier grades, students express their thoughts, ideas and feelings through illustration. As students make a transition from early emergent writers to developing writers, and so forth, there is a wide range of student levels and abilities to express themselves during writing. ABCya! Animate is a cool tool that allows students to do just that. I discovered the site on Bryne’s blog, posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 entitled, Create 100 Frame Animations on ABCya Animate.

In the blog, Bryne highlights how students can create animations using a several frames (to create a story using pictures/animations, in my opinion) and save the document as .gif file to be re-opened at any time. The cool thing about it, is that its free and there is no sign up or registration required. Students just use the tools to draw inside the frame, with the ability to arrange parts, change size, create backgrounds and insert shapes. Below, is an example of what a typical animation process  looks like. You can see the frame reel across the top (that goes up too 100), and tools across the bottom and the right side of the current animation frame.

abcya animate screen shot

Now, ABCya! Animate is recommended for grades 3, 4, and 5. However, I definitely would use this with my AIG students who have an advanced ability to navigate through the tools effectively or with my special needs students who are not at a proficient level for written expression as a modification. Could you see yourself using this in your classroom? If so, how would you use it? Maybe you could use it for a culminating multimedia project… Feel free to share your ideas. If ABCya! Animate is not your cup of tea, the blog also suggested alternative animation apps that you may find interesting. Check out 5 Apps and Sites for Creating Animations if you want to look more into creating animations with your students.


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  1. LaToya B. says:

    My students are way too old for this but this is something that I can definitely use with my son and nephews! I checked out the some of the other sites that you linked to and found that Stop Frame Animator and Wideo would be more appropriate for use in a middle school classroom! I think I prefer Wideo! Thanks for sharing and offering more tools to check out for other grade levels!

  2. April J. says:

    This is a great tool to help kids develop sequence in their stories. They can animate their story and see if it is in sequential order. This is also a great tool for ESL kids who have a hard time writing a story. They can begin by animating their story and then putting it into words.

    • Danielle D. says:

      Sequencing is such a difficult task for one of my AU students. This will be a great way to help her put events in sequential order! I have used ABCya! many times, but I mostly used it as a reward or for students who finish early. This is a great tool to use to create meaningful lessons! Thanks!

  3. Heather W. says:

    I checked out the link for fifth grade and was surprised to see so many content areas covered. The area were math, science, social studies and grammar. This will be a good tool for “extra help” that can be linked to my website that students can use at home. I liked how the site had measurement and tangram activities; state capitols, latitude and longitude, world geography activities; and keyboarding skills activities. All areas that my fifth graders need to practice.

  4. Robin W. says:

    I agree with Heather. I knew of teachers had used this site in the past but I had not thought about using it in the upper grades. I was shocked to find all the games and interactive resources for third-fifth grades. I like the idea that you stated in your blog Candace of letting students use this when they finish early. I also think the animation part of ABCYa is a great resource for retelling a story in a fun way.

  5. Jen M says:

    Sounds great, Candace! Like Heather’s Fifth graders, my students need reinforcement with those same areas. I love having such a variety of cool tools that my students can use instead of just playing a video game or watching TV! Great job!

  6. Sylvia B says:

    Thanks for sharing – I also reviewed some of the games for Fifth graders to help my lower EC students. I think it would also be good for some of our life skills students. I think it is a good tool for centers and fun. I’ll have to see if I can hide the grade level indication but I think it could be good. Thanks again!

  7. kriley72013 says:

    This is a fun tool, Candace. I went on and played around with it myself. I can see my second graders using it, even though it is recommended for 3-5. At the beginning of the year the majority of my students use illustrations to enhance the meaning of their writing. ABCya Animate is a great tool for my students to utilize. Also like that it is free and there is no sign-up – we have so many accounts and passwords to keep up with, especially after this class! I would use this in my writing center or to jump start reluctant writers. Thanks for the info!

  8. tbhagat says:

    I have a student who is crazy about abcya! She is going to love being able to animate with it as well as play the fun games. Thanks Candace for explaining the features of abcya. I agree it’s a good way to practice skills while playing. Kids of all ages seem to enjoy their many games, including me! I know that I will be using abcya during the school year and with my private students as well. I also like that there are math and language games to play. CoolMath is another good site the kids seem to enjoy, but it is strictly math, so abcya has a lot more to offer.

  9. Katie G. says:

    I have used ABCya with my students, but in the past I typically used it the same way you did- I let my students play the games during free center or inside recess time or as a reward. I’m excited to see if some of my students can use the ABCya Animate tool next year. I think this would be a great tool to encourage sequencing and creating a logical story. It certainly looks kid-friendly and easy to use. Thanks for sharing!

  10. kalync says:

    This is a great resource that I can share with parents and children can explore at home. It looks like a great tool and is very interactive. My K-5 students will really love the games. The specific example you gave will really help my EC students with reading and sequencing of events. Thanks friend for teaching me something new.

  11. Jess C. says:

    I have seen ABCyah! because it is on the iPad I received, but have never played with it before. I assumed it was for younger grades and had no idea there were fourth grade activities. So thanks for sharing, Candace! I really like how it had some activities for literacy and math. My students can benefit from these games/activities. I really like how it includes fraction and decimals because that seems to be a harder math concept for students to understand.

  12. RBryan says:

    I think that the mark of a great tool for classroom use is the ability to use the tool across multiple grades and content areas, facilitating differentiation with students. The animation feature further engages students.

  13. jlove42013 says:

    I think I have mentioned before that my fourth graders are paired with younger students as mentors or “buddies.” I can definitely see my students teaching younger ones to use this or even the younger students sharing their work with the older students allowing them to be the “teacher.” This is a great resource.

    • Laura B. says:

      As you said, I have also only used the game section of ABCya! but I’d love to try this with my more advanced students. I love the animation and ability to sequence events or a story.

  14. Kristin O. says:

    I’ve never used this tool before! Thanks for sharing! The animate feature of this tool sounds awesome! What a fun way to help students understand parts of a story or sequencing. Students could animate their own writings too!

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